Our mission is to enable T cell immunotherapy manufacturing through non-viral intracellular delivery.

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Ryan Pawell

Founder, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

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Ryan Pawell is a Y Combinator alumnus, published author and subject matter expert in the areas of fluid dynamics, advanced manufacturing, and biomicrofluidics. He completed a BSci in Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara prior to producing 7 peer-reviewed publications, receiving multiple granted patents across 3 patent families. He left grad school early and went to raise seed-stage funding from various sources in the United States (SOSV/IndieBio, Y Combinator, Social Capital and Founders Fund's FF Science) and Australia (Jobs for NSW, AusIndustry, Main Sequence Ventures, MTP Connect BioMedTech Horizons, Australian Research Council and NSW Health Medical Device Fund). Ryan has also been invited to present his work by the Australian National Fabrication Facility, White House Cancer Moonshot Taskforce, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Air Force Research Laboratory, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic, QB3, Stanford and the Economist among others.


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Justin Jarrell, PhD

Vice President, Research

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Justin Jarrell, PhD is a translational immunologist with 10 years of experience directing projects in autoimmunity, infectious disease and cancer, biomarker and drug target discovery, and high-throughput platform development. He completed his PhD in Immunology at Stanford University where he discovered and implicated anti-cytokine autoantibodies in the pathogenesis of IgG4-related disease, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Prior to this, Justin worked as a research associate at Stanford developing novel protein microarrays to investigate B and T cell responses in lupus and influenza vaccination. He is an author of 14 peer-reviewed publications, recipient of the Stanford Graduate and Agilent University Relations Fellowships and has presented at several prestigious conferences including the American Association of Immunologists and Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies.


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Leah Wilson


Leah Wilson is a graduate from University of California, Davis and has 4 years of Research Experience. During her undergraduate program at Davis, she was selected for an internship with NASA Ames Research Center, where she utilized ArcGIS and Python to support the California Space Grant Consortium program and created novel map images of the impact of climate change for native plant species in California. She learned analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry, chromatography, analytical instrumentation hardware servicing and maintenance, and molecular biological testing methods such as PCR and qPCR as a Lab Technician for a cannabis testing lab.

Under the guidance of Dr. Jarrell, she is responsible for the design, execution and analysis of all µVS experiments. In addition, she is the Lab Manager, maintains all cell stocks, and presents her data at weekly group meetings.


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Brandon Sytsma


Brandon Sytsma is a graduate student from the University of San Francisco's Professional Science Masters in Biotechnology program. He previously graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Brandon has over three years of experience working in immunology labs in both academic and industry settings. First in Dr. Megan Prosser's lab at Azusa Pacific University, Brandon worked to develop a novel 3rd generation CAR T cell. More recently he worked at a cell therapy startup based out of South San Francisco, which is developing phagocytic T cells for use against solid tumors. 

Under the guidance of Dr. Jarrell, he is responsible for the design, execution and analysis of all µVS experiments. Brandon uses his experience with lymphocytes to optimize the µVS workflow for T cell transfection and train external users on how to operate our µVS technology.


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Louis Clark, PhD 

Data Scientist

Louis Clark, PhD is a biotechnology industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience pushing the boundaries of biological engineering.  By training, he is a chemical engineer and enjoys the interface of microfluidics and cell biology.  He brings foundational experience with data infrastructure, machine learning, and bioinformatics to the team.  Enthused by the potential to get more out biological data, he lowers barriers to scientific curiosity.  Data democratization and accessibility is important to Indee Labs and Louis seeks to empower the team through data science.


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Fong L. Pan

Simulations Engineer

Fong "Peter" Pan earned his BS and MS degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering from Purdue University with 15 years of extensive experience in applied fluid mechanics and computational fluid dynamics. His past working experience spans various industries including Temasek Laboratories, Rolls-Royce, Navistar, United Technologies Research Center, Caterpillar and Honda R&D America. He has served in many positions including associate aerothermal engineer, senior CFD engineer, research acoustics engineer, fluid system technical team lead and product management. He is the author of 8 published technical papers and was awarded 4 US patents. He serves as a technical paper reviewer for SAE conference publication in aerodynamics, thermal management and aeroacoustics sessions. He was awarded Research Symposium Series Best Presentations Award for outstanding technical communication and excellent in research achievement and Magoon Teaching Award received from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University in 2003 and 2004. 


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