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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the µVS Delivery System™ in my lab?

Indee Labs offers a 3- to 6-month Equipment Trial Agreements to academic labs, biotechnology startups, and pharmaceutical companies. The Equipment Trial Agreement includes a complete jig setup, all sub-assembly components (i.e. sterile tubing, fittings) a pressure regulator (for compressed nitrogen gas), and 50 µVS devices to start transfection experiments. The end user need only supply high purity compressed nitrogen (Airgas or Praxair). As part of an Equipment Trial Agreement, end users will have access to Indee Labs scientists, technicians, and data analysis tools to aid in experimental optimization(s). Indee Labs requires an upfront payment to ship the µVS instrument setup, and provide standard operating procedures (SOPs) and related protocols. Monthly payment(s) are required to support scientist and technician time. Please contact us to review our standard Equipment Lease Agreement.


Can I contract Indee Labs to perform services using the µVS Delivery System™ on my project?

Indee Labs offers full-service support to academic labs, biotechnology startups, and pharmaceutical companies. Our standard offering is a Services Agreement, which includes 1.0 (or more) full-time employees (FTE's) on your project for 12 months along with the relevant technical and project management support. The Services Agreement may also include an Equipment Trial Agreement. Service Agreements can be scoped to include bi-monthly meetings, development milestones, and success criteria. While the goal of the services work may naturally segway into out-licensing of the µVS Delivery System™ for clinical development, the versatility of the µVS approach can be applied to a wide variety of (human or other) cell types, non-viral vectors, and gene editing construct(s).


Is the µVS Delivery System™ cGMP compliant for use in clinical development program?

The µVS Delivery System™ is regulated as a tool for biologics manufacturing, made from USP Class VI implantable materials and with an ISO 13485 compliant industrial designer. A technical manual and qualification document(s) are available for installation of the µVS Delivery System into a cGMP cleanroom environment. Medical grade compressed nitrogen is required to operate the µVS Delivery System™ within a cleanroom environment. Clinical-grade µVS devices will include a Certificate of Conformance (CoC), and an Extractable & Leachable (E&L) testing certificate for Investigational New Drug (IND) submissions and to support documentation for clinical manufacturing of gene-modified cell therapies such as T cell immunotherapies.


How can I order more µVS devices, instruments and parts?

All µVS devices, sub-assembly components, tubing and fittings to support in-house transfections can be sourced directly from Indee Labs. We are committed to maintaining a robust inventory of µVS instruments, µVS devices, and components sub-assembly components to support all end users.


How can I use Indee Labs’ non-viral transposon/transposase system for my optimization work?

Indee Labs is developing an open source, non-viral transposon/ase system for use with the µVS Delivery System™. We can use a Services Agreement to work with your organization, and integrate this system into your development program(s). Included in this service offering is ordering, optimization, data analysis, routine meetings, and project management support from Indee Labs’ scientists, technicians and project managers. Upon request, the non-viral transposon/transposase system is available for clinical- and commercial-use.


Can I access Indee Labs’ data science efforts to enhance our internal development using the µVS Delivery System™?

Indee Labs has developed a series of computational fluid dynamics simulations along with an experimental database that helps use glean key information about our development efforts while also improving our protocol optimization. We’d be more than happy to chat about adding this into any Services Agreement(s).

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