Enabling T cell immunotherapy 

Intracellular delivery is the most problematic step in cell-based immunotherapy discovery, development and manufacturing. Indee Labs is developing a non-viral intracellular delivery system based on microfluidic vortex shedding (µVS) to rapidly deliver nucleic acids, proteins and gene editing complexes to patient and donor immune cells with minimal perturbation.

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Benefits of the µVS Delivery System™
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Easy-to-integrate with existing research, clinical and commercial workflows with standard reagents.

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µVS devices can be readily manufactured at scales of >2K devices per day.

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Cells are processed at 1~5M per second and soon to be >50M cells per second.

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Each 5 x 10 mm device can process >50M cells with a >1B cell device in development.

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µVS is optimised to yield the maximum amount of recovered, viable and modified cells.

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µVS processing results in minimal perturbation of the T cell state for high quality cells.

State of the µVS Delivery System™

The µVS Delivery System™ is currently available for Research Use Only. A clinical system is in development and will be regulated as a tool for biologics manufacturing. Both systems are developed in an ISO 13485-compliant manner and all materials in the flow path are medical-grade or USP Class VI implantable-grade. µVS devices for high-throughput screening of small volumes based on the well plate format are also in development.

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