Non-viral Intracellular Delivery

How µVS works
The μVS Delivery System™ uses pressure-driven flow to drive suspended cells and constructs through an array of microfluidic posts. This flow generates hydrodynamic conditions termed microfluidic vortex shedding (μVS) capable of permeabilizing the lipid bilayer of cells. µVS allows for the intracellular delivery of constructs like mRNA and CRISPR Cas9-RNPs in cells with minimal perturbation of the cellular state.

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µVS Delivery System™
The complete µVS instrument setup includes:  (1)  a flow meter (Alicat™), (2) the device manifold, which houses single-use µVS devices and (3) the base manifold for holding tubing sets and sample reservoirs.



µVS is a Platform Technology

The µVS Delivery System™ is a non-viral intracellular delivery platform capable of introducing DNA, RNA and CRISPR Cas9-RNPs to human primary T cells. Ultimately, the µVS Delivery System™ may be developed for the delivery of other constructs such as zinc finger nucleases, TALENs, and transposon/ase systems. Additional cell types such as immune cells, plant protoplasts and stem cells are also feasible with the µVS Delivery System™.



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